“The sonic representation of a dimly lit sewer pipe, Audio Gutter's sound has a focus on atmosphere, melody and brutal sound design, which he uses to create twisted beats with heavy influences from the realms of mutant bass, grime, techno, footwork, halftime dnb and much more.
He has played venues and festivals all over the UK for years now, including notorious events such as Boomtown Fair and Noisily Festival, and can more recently be found playing sets with his humanoid companions Sample Junkie and Zenji; the holy trinity known as Toad Reactor.
Having received support from labels such as Wonk#ay Records, Chip Butty, and the musical magician himself Culprate's new label Open Outlets, he is set to keep exploring the metaphorical depths of the subterranean waste system for millennia.”



Derail e.p. - Mutant Bass Records 2013

"Babylon" w / General Waste - Community Payback Records 2015

"Palm Reader" - Wonkay Records 2017

Self Titled - MostlyAllSorts 2014

Remix of "Blood Simple" - InTheFace Records 2016

Two Faced e.p. - In:Flux Audio 2018

"Bow Legged" - Wonkay Records 2014

"Yaki Soba" - Chip Butty Records 2017

"Chiral" - Open Outlets 2018

Dates / Live 

02/02/2019 - Volks Brighton 

05/07/2019 - Noisily Festival

10/08/2019 - Boomtown Festival

More TBC




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